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Everyone should go out and see How to Train Your Dragon.

Do it now.

Icon says so.

Here I sit...

While waiting for my friend to come back I'm sitting at her computer using her interwebs. I read through some of my past entries and found the one where I was talking about procedurals and not letting myself get into them. Yea...that's all lies. LIES I TELL YOU. I have recently gotten into both NCIS and Criminal Minds...

I have a problem.

I have come to the conclusion that I should just work for CBS because I know most of their shows like the back of my hand.


Damn you, Pale skin. Damn you.

So. I'm pale. Not a big shock. I'm Finnish, it's our trademark.

The fact that i'm pale is a bitch for the week every college student pines for known as Spring Break. I went on a 2 night trip to Hilton Head with 9 of my friends (2 hotel rooms) and we pretty much just spent the entire time on the beach or at the pool. We would only stop to eat or go mini-golfing. It was a great trip, we built a sandcastle. I didn't get a souvenir because I didn't particularly want one, but I did find mom a pretty lighthouse ornament that will grace our Christmas Tree this year.

All I got was a sun rash....because I'm pale. I think (and so does mom) that it was caused by this new sunscreen I was using. I won't use that again ever...but goddamn am I itchy!

I did, however, tan a bit. And when I say "tan" I mean less pale but still pretty damn pale. There is a slight difference that I can see even if others can't.

Tomorrow I intend to relax with my friend Sarah and then the rest of my break will be spent doing whatever the hell I want. :)
I do not know what spurred this dream, nor do I know where my mind was during my REM cycle last night. I just had a weird dream and I just needed to write it down somewhere. (I have some tiny commentary inserts in parenthesis)

So, I fell asleep and found myself in Iron Chef America's kitchen stadium. Or a slightly modified version. The stadium was kitchen stadium with the pantry area of Chopped, and instead of 2 cooking areas there were 4. My sous chef was Duff from Ace of Cakes (wtf) and I also had the help of Cat Cora. Our challenge was to make 4 dishes, 2 desserts and 2 entrees, to impress the judges. I can only remember 3 out of the 4 things I was making. I was making my mom's recipe of chili, our Christmas stars with the prune middle (delicious) and I don't remember what the third one was supposed to be but I saw what it looked like and it looked delicious.

So I found myself in a battle for $100,000 against 3 other contestants. None of which were Bobby Flay (which, I know, doesn't make sense right this second...but it will in a bit). I think my brain made this dream out of Food Network people, no matter how small and insignificant, because I was against that guy who is always helping Paula Deen on her show, Chef Irvine from Dinner Impossible, and one of the finalists from The Next Iron Chef. Somehow, someway, I became qualified enough to be on this show, and I do believe I was going to win.

At some point in the middle of cooking I left the kitchen, without penalty \o/, to go into the lobby area and that's where I met Stephanie March. For those of you who don't know, Stephanie March plays Alex Cabot on Law and Order: SVU and is married to Bobby Flay. I remember having a thoroughly fangirl/geeky moment and gushed to her about how I loved her character and I think she's awesome...it was kind of embarrassing of dream!me because in my dream she looked a little taken aback at my outburst, but she was still nice and let me get a picture with her. I then had a very lengthy conversation with her and went to a Starbucks for some coffee. This entire time, when I should have been cooking, I still had no penalty against me. I don't know how long this competition was supposed to be...but holy hell.

When I left the Starbucks I found that, alas, my car was not working. "Crap, the stadium is across the city"...wait ACROSS THE CITY?! HOW LONG WAS THIS COMPETITION? How was I not disqualified? ...-- I digress.

In my panic I run across Bobby Flay, who I think was one of the judges or something. He informs me that he is also on his way back to the stadium but his car was stolen. When I asked him why he was all the way over here he said he was called out for a Throwdown and went to fulfill the challenge. (wtf) Bobby Flay, his camera crew, and I try to find a way to get back to the stadium. (And none of us think of a taxi, or a bus, or anything) We start walking through alleys in this unnamed city and find an abandoned golf cart. Which we decide to use to get back to the stadium. Across the city. Yea, because that makes all kinds of sense.

Magically the golf cart actually gets us all the way back to the stadium and I go back into the kitchen. Also, my helping hands didn't seem to notice that I was missing AT ALL and I just walked back to my cooking duties without a worry of ANY type of penalty. Nobody noticed. Alton Brown was counting down, I got everything plated in time and everything was going fine. I took my dishes up to the judges (who were off screen this entire time, but I am positive that Bobby Flay was a judge, but I can't be sure) and I got glowing reviews. I got to the point in the dream where the Chairman was about to announce the winner and...

I woke up.


I think I was going to win. D:
You know what I love? This time of year. This time of year around the holidays is, by far, my favorite time of the year. Hands down. Nothing could make me not like this time of year. Someone could light me on fire and I'd still love it.

Particularly the decorations. They definitely stand out for me. I like driving around and seeing all the houses and street signs decorated. Even the decorations that look just terrifying, like the local Walmart exploded and all of the debris landed on the yard, I love those. The other night my best friend, Stephanie, and I went driving around my neighborhood to find the tackiest (rules: it had to look like they tried. Not just threw lights at the house. There had to be effort put into this) house in the bunch. She will do the same for her own neighborhood and we will battle the tacky houses amongst our friends. We found this one house that had these horridly bright blue lights with random other colors dispersed over the lines. These lights were completely wrapped around the trunks of the trees and it clearly took a lot of time...they are probably really proud of their work. I wish I had a picture to show you how painful it was to look at this house.

Though, the fact that decorations are up just shows the cheer of the holidays. Somehow just seeing the glimmer of a Christmas tree from outside a house makes me happy. It just seems like enough, I don't think everyone should decorate their entire homes for display, if they do, yay, (even the tacky ones) and if not, the tree is enough. I can't help but smile. On the gloomiest of days, you can still see the decorations. This entire season is just so pretty.

Another thing that gets me are the holiday scents. Evergreen. Cranberries. Ham. Casseroles. Mom has been baking for the last 2 days. Various treats that only come out around the holidays. My mouth waters at the scent of them and she says 'not too many, we need to save them for Christmas, and for the other kids.' (Siblings: Be happy you are coming home tomorrow, or I might not have been able to keep that promise. I WANT MORE STARS, DAMMIT. And rye bread. D:< ) I am dieing for Christmas eve-day. The house is going to smell AWESOME.

And last, but certainly not least...especially from a very musically based family, the Christmas music. Best. Stuff. Ever. If I could get away with playing it year round (in public) I would (I already play it in private ALL THE TIME). I mean, say what you will about Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus and all of those stars that everyone isn't necessarily a fan of...they know how to make a catchy Christmas song. I have like 8 versions of every Christmas song I have ever loved, by various artists. I love them all. I don't get tired of them.

I love this time of year, I could go on. I'm just too giddy with my music right now to continue.


So...i've had massive headaches already this school year, but today marks the day where I had my first hide-from-all-light-O-M-G-i-think-i-will-be-sick-if-i-stand-up-stay-in-bed-all-day migraine. I hate these things.


Now that I've convinced my brain to let up just the slightest bit, I think I can risk having a sandwich so I don't go completely hungry for today. I don't want to wake up at 3:00am with the urge to eat an entire cow.

In other news, I have my first choir concert of the year next week. I'm optimistic. I know all my music really well, and I'm even going to help a couple of girls who don't know it as well outside of class. The only song I'm still having trouble with is this Shaker piece that has clapping and stomping that don't necessarily go together. That could sound awesome or be a train wreck... :\ As of right now? I don't know how that will go.
This will eventually become my only journal, but that might be a slow process to actually achieving that goal. For now, I will post at both and merge into one.