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I haven't posted in a while so here I go with a list!

1. I am super excited for all my Harry Potter related things in the next 6 months. For Dragon*Con I am going as Molly Weasley and that costume is in progress as we speak (pictures later). I'm going to Harry Potter World in the Fall and am prepared to lose a chunk of money there. I want a bludger, dammit. Also, HP candy. The preview for the 7th movie is soon. *jumps in chair*

2. Job hunt is still kind of slow...soon hopefully.


4. I need to know what is happening in Doctor Who this Saturday. I. NEED. TO. KNOW.

5. Every time I number a new one of these I accidentally use the previous number. :/

6. I'm taking Fish Oil pills because my doctor told me to. I have noticed a change in my general mood. I know there have been studies about the effects of fish oil in depression cases but I don't know if anything of substance came out of them. Either way, I'm noticing a bit of a difference. Things don't seem to stick to me as much now, I can let things go. :) Not that there were many things sticking anyway.

7. I want more of my summer shows to start. Lie to Me isn't enough. Partially because it's technically NOT a summer show. The network just decided to stop it mid season and come back in the summer with episode 13. Kind of ruined the flow for me and I need to remember what happened in the first half of the season. I'm waiting for Blue Collar to come back and for Covert Affairs to start. I don't know if I'm going to like Covert Affairs but the promos look interesting enough and I'm willing to give it a chance.

8. I do not like thunderstorms. And since the Georgia weather is back to normal from that crazy drought, I have to get used to thunderstorms happening ALL THE TIME. Damn.

9. I have actually started writing the book I've been talking about wanting to write. I finally figured out how it's going to work and how it's going to start. I'm excited. :)

I think that's it...I'm going to get coffee with my friends tonight, maybe I'll have more to tell later.