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Schoolwork and Glee

I hate the last stretch of the semester. It is always super busy and stressful. :/ And I always, always procrastinate. Even when I say to myself "no, not this time," I still end up wasting my time doing things that aren't my work until I end up having to stay up until really weird hours. This is actually true of every paper/assignment I have to do. I will insist to myself while working into the wee hours or the morning that "this isn't how I'm going to do this next time," yet it is the same every. single. time.

This is also the time of year where my desk and my room stay super clean. When I procrastinate but find myself without anything to fully keep my attention I will clean. If I find myself watching an episode of TV, I will clean during it. Strange but true. I guess it could be way worse.

So, in light of this fact, I watched last night's Glee while organizing my desk. I have a couple of things to say about it:

- I love April Rhodes! She's hilarious!

- I like that this episode had very little Rachel in it. I like Rachel, but I don't need to see her for the entire show.

-FINN RUINS EVERYTHING. Kurt was singing his beautiful ballad and then TPTB stick Finn in randomly for one verse and only succeed in making me cringe. It was supposed to be heartfelt, but all I could focus on was his horrible high notes. He cannot hit the register they give him. It sucks. He looks pained whenever he sings. I dare you, go watch an episode of Glee and watch his face in all of his songs. Does he look comfortable? NO. When Mercedes was singing "Beautiful" and everyone joined her on the floor I thought it was really cute. Then Finn pops up behind her and ruins the moment with his face. You can't hear him singing because everyone but Mercedes is 'ahh'ing but you can see him. In the end when April is singing "Home" SAME SITUATION, SAME FACE.

- LOL April bought the auditorium.

- Finn's mom and Kurt's dad are kind of adorable.

- I like that Quinn was reaching out to Mercedes in this episode. I like it when they show her having a heart because I love Quinn.

- I do, however, want Jesse and Rachel to sing some more. It might just be me shipping the whole Wendla/Melchior thing from Spring Awakening, but they are so well matched voicewise! I want more.

- I want more songs for the other characters...I say this everytime but it's true. I loved Mercedes and Kurt getting the spotlight. Now it's time for Artie and everyone else. Give Puck another song! Quinn and Puck even!